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Huge waves wow throngs in Southern California



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Russian-backed separatists enter southeast Ukraine town

Russian‑backed separatists enter southeast Ukraine town - pro‑government fighter

US mother makes video plea for life of IS hostage

An American freelance journalist held hostage and threatened with death by Islamic militants wanted to tell the world through his writing about oppressed...

Ebola crisis 'will get worse'

The Ebola epidemic in Liberia is set to get worse and many cases of the deadly disease are not included in the official tally, the head of the US's top public health body said Wednesday. "The cases...

'Cops' crew member killed in Omaha police shooting

Police who opened fire while disrupting a robbery at a fast‑food restaurant in Omaha struck and killed a crew member with the "Cops"...

JPMorgan and four other banks hit by hackers, US official says

Computer hackers targeted JPMorgan Chase & Co. and at least four other banks in a coordinated...

Sister of accused Boston marathon bombers arrested after bomb threat

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The sister of the accused Boston Marathon bombers was arrested in New York City...

Shelling kills 11 civilians in east Ukraine's Donetsk: official

Mortar bombardments have killed 11 civilians and wounded 22 more in east Ukraine's main rebel...

Shaw tells USC he lied about injuries, rescue

Southern California cornerback Josh Shaw confessed that he lied to school officials about how he sprained his ankles last weekend, retracting his story...